A Birthday, an Anniversary, an Engagement, an MBA, Several Trips and a Wedding!

29 12 2008
Cleaning up the sea

Cleaning up the sea



Do not worry, Pierre saved Nemo from a certain death!

Do not worry, Pierre saved Nemo from a certain death!






OK Lah!

I admit it and mea culpa, I let you all down for the last three months!


Mind you, I am convinced that you were all busy wondering how much money you’ve lost on the stock market, worried about the future or scandalized by the lack of regulations of this beautiful financial structure.  Enough said, it is time for Good News and I have many of them! Take a break from your pain and enjoy the moment.

 The first good news is that last October I have reached the big 50.  How is this good news?  Well I strongly believe that it will be the best decade of my life and since the rumour is that today’s 50 is yesterday’s 30, I have nothing to fear.  On the night I reached the big fifty mark, I wrote the following:

That’s it!  Today I am saying goodbye to my forties.  I know that most people (at least women) would just lie about it, but I will tell it to the world….. Tonight, at midnight, on October 16, I will be 50 and loving every minute of it!

Funny enough, it was perhaps a big enough moment to write a blog, but frankly I am not bothered at all by this number, therefore I stopped writing right away.  I feel more alive and kicking than ever and more of a woman than I ever was and ever will be. I am 50 and yes I need more cream on my face, more vitamins in the morning, more walks not to crack bones, but on the upside, I need less sleep and I have less to prove. 

 I actually think that the fifties might become the best years of my life: I lived my dreams to the fullest, I am with the man of my life and I am full of new dreams to make come true.

 Two weeks after my birthday, it was our first anniversary together (of course I mean Pierre and me).  To celebrate both events, we went to a paradise place called Kapalai-Resort Sipadan, 30 minutes by boat from Borneo. The place was just magical.  Right there, in the middle of the sea with nothing else around, appeared this beautiful resort built on stilts!  If you wish to see this heaven, click on the You Tube link below.  Giant turtles like the one in the video use to come at our villa’s deck at night to hunt for food.  This place was a pure delight outside and inside the water.  We dove almost three times a day to see the most abundant creatures the sea can offer and walked on water at night to go for dinner.


On Saturday night, we were so tired from diving that we decided to rest for a while on the long chairs of our villa… looking out at the nothingness of the sea. Pierre looked a bit worried or stressed and I did not know why since we had such a great couple of days.  I then saw him getting up, go inside the villa and come back dressed.  I was in a swimsuit with a pareo over it and looked like someone who had a rough day of fun. The contrast was quite obvious between the two of us and I was puzzled for a second or two on what he was about to say.  Pierre sat down, looked at me seriously, made me almost nervous, pulled a small gift box and popped the big question!! 

I don’t remember answering because I was so shocked, pleased, overwhelmed by emotions and so happy all at once. Of course it meant yes!  At that moment, a giant turtle pulled out of the water at our deck as a beautiful sign of longevity!

 -Let’s POP the champagne Pierre said, we have a lot to celebrate now.  How about we come back here, in this paradise to get married?

-Yes, this would be a dream place to get married… right at the end of the pier and under the big pergola.

The villas of Sipadan Resort

The villas of Sipadan Resort

You may guess by now that this is exactly what we will do on March 6, 2009: Getting married in Kapalai in the middle of the sea at sunset. How is that!

So now you know about the Birthday, the Anniversary, the Engagement, so now lets clear the way for the MBA.  I have been dragging my feet for the last five years to complete my @##?#$%&!! MBA and I did finish it last weekend.  I still have a formality to do next August but overall, IT IS BEHIND ME!  I cannot be happier that from now on, I will have a life.  🙂

Happy Holidays to all of you!

I am going home in Montreal for Christmas with Pierre and will have a few things to talk about upon my return to Singapore… so stay tuned. 

Happy Holidays to all of you and we wish you the best for 2009

Happy Holidays to all of you and we wish you the best for 2009


-Are you really sure Pierre? 

P.S: Did I mention that I am getting married?  3 times rather than one.  We are going to do a wedding in Montreal on December 24, one on March 6 in Kapalai and we have to remarry in Singapore to make it all legal! 

-No doubt Helene!

-Neither do I, but what date will be the one we celebrate?

We either celebrate them all or it will give us a second and third chance if we miss one over the years!




3 responses

5 01 2009

Congratulations Helene!! I’m so happy for you. You and your life are beautiful!

6 01 2009

Helene! Your description of your engagement made me tear up! You two make such a wonderful couple!

23 03 2009

Oh hi, i seldom log-in to your blog, but this time i just decided to catch up with it. May be it’s the good news which has directed me to it.

Happy for you and Congratulations. I hope this wish didn’t come too late.

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