Getting started in Asia land

8 09 2007

Hello my friends.  Again, for those who have not received a note from me, I will start by stating that I will write my blog in English.  If I have to write in French and in English, I will not be able to keep the blog going.  Since 99% of my French friends and family are bilingual, the chosen language will be English.  Stay tune for a real update on my adventures in Asian Land!!




2 responses

11 09 2007
carole gagnon

Salut cocotte heureuse que tu M,es permis de communiquer avec toi et surtoutde partager ta vie lontaine. Je T’embrasse très fort et n’oublie surtout pas que tu n’es pas seule. Tu as une amie à un mail , phone or plain près – je t’aime très fort cg

19 09 2007
susan segal

Hey there what a great story, I,m going to tell Joanna to go do my marketing in the afternoon and I am for sure going to make her read your blog about Annabelle. Now that you have a housekeeper can I call you a JAP? or in your case it would be a CAP. I am using Max’s laptop because I am having trouble with my yahoo password on my computer, he is standing over my shoulder as he wants to use his computer so I have to let you go will e-mail tomorrow, it was great speaking with you yesterday, I love you and miss you. Susan

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