Hello world!

16 06 2007

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!




3 responses

16 06 2007
bruno boutot

Bon voyage Hélène!
Raconte-nous tes aventures!
Mille bises.
Michèle et Bruno

15 09 2007
Marie-Josée Côté

Soooooo much fun reading your adventures my sweet….Every time I hit the reception to do my time up here…..I log on to see what’s up with you in Singapore….I lol with the Annabelle doing marketing bit…cute as hell….anyway I’m enjoying your readings as I’m sure a lot of your friends are….keep it up….and beware of those crowly, slinky, slimey what ever bébittes that might sneak up on you when ya least expect it….hihihihihi

Talk to ya soon

28 11 2007
Gary Dorbyk

Yours is not a Blog, it’s a book! But don’t stop writing. You write beautifully and with passion. Stay well. This is an amazing adventure in your life..

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